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Q::"Kimi, you´ve got a tattoo on your arm – what is it?"
KR::"It´s a tattoo."
Q::"Is it permanent?"
KR::"I don´t know."
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? Got bored. Wrote some F1 questions.
1::Who's your favourite driver currently on the grid?
2::Who's your favourite driver not currently on the grid?
3::Realistically, who do you think is going to win the WDC?
4::You can give a `man of the race` award to any of the drivers for the last race. Who do you give it to and why?
5::What are your feelings on Pastor Maldonado?
6::What's your F1 OTP?
7::Which team do you think is the best on the grid?
8::You can get any driver a seat at any team in F1, who is it and which team is the seat at? (Remember, someone must lose their seat)
9::Who is your favourite member of team personnel?
10::Build your team: Two drivers, one test driver, a team boss and whatever personnel you like. Remember to pick a name and colour scheme.
11::Where do you watch/listen to F1?
12::You can add a circuit to this year's set, existing or made up. Which do you add?
13::Who is the greatest driver of all time?
14::What annoys you most about Bernie Ecclestone?
15::The current grid turns up to your house for the evening. What goes down?
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Towel is back!! XD


Towel is back!!


Massa vs. Smedley - Know Your Tracks (Sky Sports F1)

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tomorrow babeeeeee, just getting hotter! #38

Bicycle Race
Sebastian Vettel ft DC • 1,581 plays



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My dream podium is
P1 Seb
P2 Vettel
P3 Seb Vettel

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